Oxford Beethoven Festival: Symposium AM Session

Thursday, 6 February 2020 - 09:30


Jacqueline du Pre Music Building

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Professor Glenn Stanley – University of Connecticut
Dealing with Fidelio: Beethoven’s Problem Child and our Problem Too
No other work occupied Beethoven as long as Fidelio did: over a ten-year span he created three drastically different versions. We have a problem with Fidelio only if we make one for ourselves: instead of enjoying the music as a ‘culinary’ experience (Brecht) or embracing what it says about marital love and fidelity, personal courage and human rights and freedom, we would ask about the relevance of its ideological message and, from this perspective, critically appraise interpretations in contemporary
criticism and productions.

Professor Elaine Sisman – Columbia University
Counting Works, Counting Variations
Thinking in a series, thinking in numbers, pervaded Beethoven’s relation to the opus concept. It was also critical to his ‘new manner’ for variations in 1802. This talk explores the elements, including fugue, that Beethoven used to turn 15 into 30 variations, and threads those elements into a consideration of his compositional counting practices throughout his career.

Tickets: £15.00

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